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Welcome to the home of Cook 'N' Tell, the longest running cooking school in Monmouth County and in central New Jersey -- the best place for both adults and kids to learn how to cook through adult cooking classes and children's cooking classes as well as cooking parties.  All adult and kids cooking parties are individually designed as are the private cooking classes.

Learn and taste a variety of cuisines in the intimate and friendly way that only Cook 'N' Tell Cooking School offers. Spend quality time in the relaxing environment next to other culinary explorers in a unique kitchen in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Located in Monmouth County in Central New Jersey, it's a charming community that still has many produce and horse farms. The relaxed home kitchen/classroom environment lends itself to classes that are more festive than formal.

Private cooking classes, such as Corporate Team Building classes, children's birthday parties, children's parties for scout troops, adult birthday parties and 'couples cooking' parties are all available.




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GRAVLAXGravlax is a Nordic dish consisting of raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar, and dill. Gravlax is usually served as an appetiser, sliced thinly and accompanied by thinly sliced dark pumpernickel bread, a dill and mustard sauce, cream cheese or creme fraiche, diced red onion, capers and lemon wedges.

THAI CHICKEN SPRING ROLLS - With two dipping sauces. A healthy and light appetizer you can fill with cooked chicken, poached shrimp or sliced deli turkey. Make plenty - they go fast!
SALSA VERDE CRUDA - with the addition of an avocado, this makes a lighter guacamole-style dip.

ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH & VEGETABLE SOUP - Delicious Fall Soup with Sweet Potato, Apples, Carrots flavored with fresh rosemary and thyme. Easily made vegan when vegetable stock replaces the chicken stock, and olive oil replaces the butter when sauteing.

GRILLED PEPPER SALADS - Two versions of one delicious salad.

GRILLED CORN SALAD - Sweet summer corn, grilled and mixed with your favorite fresh veggies, herbs, and lime vinaigrette.

SHRIMP FRA DIAVOLO OVER LINGUINE - An easy shrimp and pasta dish, that you can make more elegant by adding lobster - either way it is delicious and can be as spicy as you like.

BUFFALO CHICKEN PIZZA - This pizza has everything you love about Buffalo Wings except the Bones (and the celery). All of the toppings can be made in advance, then assembled just before baking.

CREOLE SHRIMP TOPPED PIZZA WITH SMOKED MOZZARELLA - A creole-inspired tomato sauce is the base of this delicious and hearty pizza. Medium shrimp are briefly cooked into the sauce and layered over and under smoked mozzarella cheese. Made even more interesting when topped with slices of andouille sausage.

MOROCCAN CHICKEN WITH PRESERVED LEMON & GREEN OLIVES - The flavorful, moist chicken can easily be lifted off the bones, and eaten, Moroccan-style, with the fingers.  Amazingly there is no added fat in this dish

GLAZED CORNED BEEF - A delicious alternative to simple boiled corned beef. Would be great for a sandwich the next day, but rarely are there leftovers.

SKATE FOR TWO WITH BROWNED BUTTER  - The skate wing may look intimidating at first, but once you see how easy and delicious this is, you will be seeking this out in restaurants and to make at home.

LOBSTER RISOTTO - with Fresh Corn, Brandy & Chives


LOBSTER AND SHRIMP BISQUE - This may take some time, but well-worth the outrageous results!

SPICY PORK MEATBALLS - These are great served over creamy Polenta with a hearty ladleful of Spicy Meat Sauce

OREO CHEESECAKE - ALMOST GUILT-FREE - This delicious, creamy dessert can be prepared in a variety of ways - this version has significantly less fat - but still all the flavor and satisfaction.

ESPRESSO CRÈME BRULEE -  A small portion of this rich dessert is just enough to finish a meal and satisfy a sweet tooth.

CHOCOLATE AVOCADO MOUSSE - A dark chocolate - avocado dessert without any dairy. Delicious!

APPLE CROSTATA - A free-form apple tart, served warm with vanilla ice cream or cinnamon scented whipped cream.

WHITE WINE & PEACH SANGRIA - The perfect summer party drink for your punch bowl. Refreshing, delicious and make plenty - it goes down easy, and gone quickly!

RATATOUILLE  - A delicious melange of summer vegetables, seasoned with fresh basil. Wonderful as a side dish, or over hot pasta with a good heaping of Parmigiano Reggiano. Even better the next day!


ROSEMARY FOCACCIA - lighter and airy with the start of a ‘sponge’ and the longer risings.

BREAD & BUTTER PICKLES - Kirby pickles are available most of the year, add the spices you love!

CHICKEN STOCK - A home-made rich chicken stock should always be in your freezer - ready for soup, risotto and sauces.

FRESH PEACH BARBECUE SAUCE - Delicious sauce for ribs and grilled chicken. Use ripe fresh peaches, dark rum (or bourbon) and freshly grated ginger.

SHALLOT COMPOTE - A delicious accompaniment to Steak, Sliced Roasted Pork or Veal Chop. Can easily be made a week ahead. Warm in the pan the steak was cooked, adding more flavor this already outrageous jam-like compote.



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